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All the fun of the fair. "Waltzing Around"

Nostalgic spin on the classic Waltzer carival ride.

The Waltzers with the amazing colourful carnaval art takes usback to a time before high impacts thrill rides were the firtatious worker would spin the carrage repeatedly when filled with teenage girls.

Authentic gicee print from handprinted lino pint original.

Linited Edition.
Giclee prints are extreamly high quality, archive quality prints.
All limited edition prints signed with pencil underneath the image.
Nmbererd to guarentee the authenticity of the work.

The print comes mounted in a nutral ivory mount with backing board.
Wrapped in crystal clear cellophane pouch,

The print is unframed.
30cm x 40cm mount crated to fit a standard size IKEA frame

Waltzing Around

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